Anonymous: I wanted a quiet night as I had an exam next day. A party kicked off in the flat & I was already in bed when four wasted chicks came into my room. I was pissed off until my mates girlfriend pulled my cock out and jammed it down her throat. This scared 2 of them away but another pulled her panties off and climbed onto my face. We fucked for an hour, I came twice and they bailed back to the party. My hot roomy then came in and climbed aboard for a ride! Great night and I aced the exam ;)

Sounds chill bra

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Anonymous: I went down on my best fried first time ever with another girl it was hot. Im 22yo sexy girl and so best friend from school is 22yo sexy brunette I always wanted to try it and she is hot I kinda got her drunk teasing and dancing with her flirting even though I know she likes guys I took off my clothes first looking at my self in the mirror asked her if I have a nice ass and tits then I said lets see yours she got anked for me I said wow your sexy asked her to lie down and gave her a sexy orgasm.

Are you sure your living in real life and not in a porno?

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