Anonymous: Went drinking with my girl for the first time today since she just turned twenty one. She turned out to be an extremely flirty drunk, and was able to convince two guys to come home with us.

Damn… keeper.

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Anonymous: I was drunk and so horny at this party and I am a bit of a slut in a good way ;-) so I dared 3guys to all fuck me they were all like no chose one of us and being typical guys so I said none of you gets to fuck me unless you all do and took off my shirt and skirt I was waring a bra and thong one spanked me pretty hard they were all laughing and kinda grabbing at me I was so wet then one took off my bra and I turned around and said pull out your cocks all 3 fucked me we used 5condoms I came 4times

Sounds like a fulfilling night.

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